This morning I completed one of the best life hacks of all-time and I think this will become apart of my morning ritual. Ready?? It’s called “Cold Therapy”.

This morning I headed to the shower and turned the knob to the coldest setting (literally, like hypothermia cold) and let it run for a few minutes while I grab my clothes for the day.

As soon as I walk in the bathroom my brain begins going through all the possible things I should do before actually jumping in (my mind even walked through the steps on how to use a wash rag and soap…lol). Seriously, I began to OVERTHINK how to accomplish such a simple task (jumping into the shower).

After staring at the cold water for 5 more minutes I finally jumped in but only allowed my feet to get wet. I continued to make up reasons to get out of the shower like:

  1. “Hurry up, I have meetings this morning”
  2. “My boys aren’t going to let me leave if I don’t go now”

Finally I ignored my inner voice telling me to get out and went all in. It hurt like hell for the first 3 minutes and it went away. I then realized that it wasn’t that bad.

What’s the point/Where is the life hack:

  1. We all are afraid of something/prefer our comfort zone over taking action. This life hack destroys all of that (how? look at #2)
  2. If you decide to do this (highly recommend at least once) become a spectator of your inner voice. I guarantee your inner voice will use the same tactics for other things that push you out of your comfort zone.
  3. Pushing through your fear/comfort zone is a great way to start your morning
  4. You grow your mental toughness and build strong will power to get things done
  5. The shock from the cold water wakes you up and makes you more alert for the day
  6. Once you’ve faced this fear, your other fears (old or new) don’t seem that bad

For me, doing this life hack in the morning helps me become familiar with my “comfort zone patterns”. Having self-awareness regarding comfort zone patterns will help alter those patterns and face my fear of (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK).