I want to tell you a story about two boys who were asked to play a game. James & Dillon were known for tearing up the house when their parents left for their date night every weekend so their babysitter (Lisa) made them a proposition.

“Boys I have $10 (two $5 bills) and I want to see who can win this game.” Lisa provided them the rules before giving them each a $5 bill.

“Here are the rules. You must hold the $5 bill against the wall with your nose, and the first one to drop their $5 would lose with the winner getting to keep both.”

Lisa sat in the living room and watched Netflix as the boys started the game and 3 hours later James lost and had to hand over his $5 bill.

Shortly after the parents arrived and Lisa was given $200 for “watching” the boys.

Moral of the Story:

Many times we are like James & Dillon, giving up a lot of time for a little bit of return. Sometimes we are like James and lose it all.

The ultimate goal is to be like Lisa and use your money as a tool to free up your time to all the things you want to do.

Call to Action:

Let me know, if you had unlimited financial resources what would you do/want/be?