This morning I came across a quote that got me thinking about the power of mindset.

“If you see it with your mind you can hold it in your hand”. .

I’m pretty sure most of you, like me have heard different iterations of a similar quote if you’ve talked or heard anything about mindset. I remember asking myself what does that really mean (the quote above and just power of mindset in general)?

It’s easy to say these catchy phrases but it all together different when you feel the odds are stacked against you.

How do you actually take action on these “feel good” sayings?

Here is what I’m doing:

  1. Take time (usually early mornings for me) to imagine your dream life/goals
  2. Get really detailed, put your mind in a place where you can almost feel the thing that is at the top of your mind
  3. Write down the immediate action steps to work towards those goals
  4. Do (Take Action)

Usually we can get through the first three steps of the process but number four is where we get stuck (you’ve probably been stuck in stage four for months and even years).

Why is that?

I believe when we think of living without barriers it scares us because we don’t know how to get there. I promise you, if you take action with just a little bit of the road map, you will attract the necessary tools and people to get you to the next step until you’ve reached your destination.

Commit your mind to a life of imagination and action, and you will be amazed at what you can REALLY do.