Yesterday I wrote an article on going for it and I realized before we can take any steps doing what we dream of doing we have to first put our invisible scripts in check.

What are invisible scripts?

Invisible scripts are the conversations we have with ourselves that keep us from doing what we need to do.


  • “If you want to build your own business it is better to wait till you have worked at a corporate job at least a couple of years”
  • “I don’t have enough time to start a business because I have kids”
  • “There is no way I can live off 6 hours of sleep”

These invisible scripts are so deeply embedded that it influences our behavior and emotions.

What should you do?


If you don’t think you can live off 6 hours a night of sleep, try it for a week. If you don’t think you can build a business unless you have corporate experience, start you business and do it for a month.

There are so many things that we tell ourselves that aren’t true. Don’t let your invisible scripts hold you back START NOW.