If I see another Bitcoin or Ethereum article/post…Ahhhhhh!!!!

I get it trust me you can make some money but most of you definitely WON’T be a millionaire from it at this point. So the big question is…is it worth derailing you off your game plan?

Don’t get it twisted I’ve had to stay calm myself after seeing how many records are being broken in this cryptocurrency market. But I’ve seen far too many of my friends dropping everything to jump on this ban wagon even though they are competing with people who have been doing this for 10+ years.

As always, I want to ensure I give a reason for why I think this matters.

Big Picture: If you stay the course of perfecting your OWN craft (Chef, Programmer, Entrepreneur, Author, etc…) you will have greater wins then trying to jump into the market because cryptocurrency is hot (which is completely the Wild Wild West right now).

How to Lock In Your Gameplan:

  1. Write it Down – What you Want/Who You Want To Be
  • Turn off all forms of media when you do this and think about what you were pursuing before this craziness began (e.g. writing a book, building an app, building your business, etc…)

2. Mute the Noise

  • If you weren’t a trader or into crypto currency beforehand kill it (e.g. no more articles on Tech Crunch, no more “I will make you Billions on bitcoin” videos, etc…)

3. Become Razor Sharp Focus on Your Next Steps

  • If your next step is Grad school- put in those applications; if your next step is getting 10 clients – hop on the phone and start scheduling those meetings. In other words reverse engineer your gameplan to now and do it!

I’ll jump off my soapbox now but I hope you hear/read my heart. I truly love my friends and people I come in contact with in my sphere of influence and want you to WIN the long game not just the short-term. Keep grinding and stay locked in.

Much Love!